Pū Kani (blowing of the conch shell)

Monday through Friday at noon, Uncle Richard "Babes" Bell can be seen (and heard) pu kani (blowing the conch shell). Ground floor, Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Atrium waterfall.

At 84 years young, he has a lifetime of notable achievements. In 2017, he was inducted into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame, he paddled in a wa'a across the Moloka'i channel 54 times, and has been blowing the pu for 64 years!

Noon is a very sacred time for kanaka maoli. It is the time of day where no shadow is cast. Uncle Babes blows facing each of the four cardinal points. This is to call to the divine, seeking their blessing upon Pualeilani. In time past, pu kani was to announce the arrival of alii. Today, we continue this tradition in honor of the four alii that called Pualeilani home - Queen Kapiolani, King Kalakaua, Prince Kuhio, and Princess Kahanu.